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                      Solving the world’s toughest optical challenges through
                      advanced optical materials, systems, and design

                      Corning Advanced Optics is a global leader in providing cutting-edge material and optical solutions that serve a variety of commercial markets including semiconductor manufacturing, microfabrication, consumer electronics, and more. We provide trusted capabilities to see a project through from design to testing.

                      Corning’s unmatched expertise in specialty glass and optical physics results in a diverse set of advanced optical products and components from industry-leading materials such as HPFS? and ULE? to full optical systems including automated laser glass-cutting and non-contact metrology instruments.

                      The Advanced Optics businesses include Corning Laser Technologies for laser processing machines, Optical Materials and Technologies for manufacturing materials and full optical systems, Precision Glass Solutions for glass wafers enabling mobile consumer electronics, and Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics for applications including medical X-ray shielding.

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                      Our Businesses

                      Optical Materials and Technologies

                      Manufacturing materials and full optical systems enabling next-generation devices

                      Corning Optical Materials and Technologies serves a variety of commercial markets including the semiconductor manufacturing industry and offers a diverse set of products including industry-leading materials such as HPFS? fused silica and ULE? glass.

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                      Precision Glass Solutions

                      Glass wafers and panels enabling high-performance consumer electronics and semicon applications

                      Corning Precision Glass Solutions is uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading glass-based solutions helping customers deliver increasingly demanding functionality and form factor requirements for consumer devices, semiconductors, and Internet of Things applications.

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                      Corning Laser Technologies

                      Automated laser processing tools

                      Corning Laser Technologies is on the forefront of laser innovation, offering laser systems with a distinct advantage over conventional glass-cutting processes.

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                      Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics

                      Advanced materials and ceramic solutions for a variety of applications

                      Corning Specialty Glass and Glass Ceramics serves the Ophthalmic, Radiation Shielding Glass, Glass Powders, and Glass Ceramics markets.?

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                      In The News

                      Corning Features New Advanced Optics Demonstrations at Photonics West 2020

                      Advanced Optics Demonstrations at Photonics West 2020


                      Corning showcases demonstrations and products that are enabling major emerging trends, such as augmented reality, 5G, and next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

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                      Corning Earns Two 2018 Supplier Excellence Awards from Raytheon

                      Corning Earns Two 2018 Supplier Excellence Awards


                      The Advanced Optics business unit has been recognized with two 2018 Supplier Excellence EPIC Awards from Raytheon.

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